"my problems are more real than other’s and by making judgements based off of surface level evidence and assumptions that fit into my predefined worldview I never have to learn empathy or openmindedness. also cats and black and white photos"

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If you’ve never been beaten, raped, or abandoned. If you have never known what it was like to be missing one parent or both, or your entire family. If you eat every day and have a bed to sleep in. If the people you love tell you their proud of you. If you’ve never been poor. Neglected. If you’ve…

Struggle is relevant to the individual. Mental problems don’t start just because of having a harder life than others. Everyone loves, hates, and cries the exact same way. Telling someone their depression isn’t real is spiteful and counterproductive to help making a better life for everyone. Robin Williams certainly didn’t have a ‘bad’ life and his depression was definitely real. Everyone is dealt a hand from birth that they cannot control, so holding that against somebody is fucked

I specifically said if you’re using sadness as a gimmick and you’re actually not sad and have a privileged life then you’re fucked up for making something that plagues people an accessory, I did not say that privileged people are not sad. You did not read what I said for what it was, but I am not surprised. I feel like you and your friends just wait around for people to say things and jump dow their throats just because you can. What you read is not what I meant, and just because you state your opinion like they’re facts doesn’t mean they are. Once again, I did not say if nothing bad has happened to you you are not allowed to be sad. I said if you are not and go around the internet reblogging depressing, triggering, and abusive things because it’s “cool” then you can absolutely fuck off. So dude go be the savoir of the planet and elsewhere because you’re jumping on me for no reason.

verifying this, perry and I live to shit down people’s throats

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Bill Hicks, Revelations (1993)

perfection.  everything good and right, ever.

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parks and rec rewatch → 3.05 “media blitz”

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This is my fucking blog and if I say something that doesn’t sit well with you by all means let’s talk about it but DO NOT say shit unless you’ve read every word and know what the subject is. DO NOT twist my words around to sound offensive and ignorant because you want to pick a fight. I might not…

yes, children, she’s right. as we all know the proper way to handle an issue or an opinion is to make subposts towards people or groups of people as if one were too scared of conflict or the perception of others to handle the discussion directly

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BREAKING: Another young man killed by Ferguson police at the scene of cop shooting 


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